ART Fertility Clinics, Gurugram

About Hospital

  • With the commencement of operations in 2021, ART Fertility Clinics, Gurugram has already earned a reputation of being a leading single-speciality hospital for assisted reproductive technology.
  • The hospital follows WHO standards and its administration is run by ESHRE-certified fertility experts.
  • At ART Fertility Clinics, Gurugram, treatments such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, PGT-A/PGT-SR, PGT-M, semen analysis and laparoscopy are offered. Male infertility tests such as, FNA, TESE, and Micro TESE are also performed. 

Hospital Address

Ground Floor, Tower B,SAS Tower,


Gurgaon 122023



 Team and Specialities

  • The clinic has an excellent team of well-trained and clinical staff and compassionate nursing caregivers.
  • IVF
  • ICSI


  • Incubators
  • Next Generation Sequencer
  • The Air Handling Unit


  • ART Fertility Clinics,  Gurugram is 18 kms from Indira Gandhi International Airport by private car. By bus, the travel time is a little over two hours.
  • As with most places in Gurugram, there are good enough options to eat out.

 Top Doctors At ART Fertility Clinics, Gurugram

Dr. Shrestha Sagar Tanwar

Dr. Parul Katiyar