Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric surgery hospitals are specialized medical centers that focus on providing surgical care to infants, children, and adolescents. These hospitals have dedicated departments or units staffed by pediatric surgeons and other healthcare professionals who specialize in surgical interventions for pediatric patients.

Pediatric surgery hospitals are equipped with child-friendly facilities and resources to provide comprehensive care for young patients. They have specialized pediatric surgical suites that are designed to accommodate the unique needs of children, including smaller surgical instruments and equipment. These hospitals also have specialized pediatric anesthesia teams experienced in administering anesthesia to children safely.

In addition to surgical interventions, pediatric surgery hospitals offer a wide range of services related to the preoperative and postoperative care of pediatric patients. They have specialized pediatric clinics where surgeons evaluate patients, diagnose conditions, and develop personalized treatment plans. These hospitals may collaborate with other pediatric specialists, such as pediatric oncologists, pediatric cardiologists, or pediatric urologists, to provide comprehensive care for children with complex medical conditions.

Pediatric surgery hospitals cover various surgical specialties, including pediatric general surgery, pediatric orthopedic surgery, pediatric neurosurgery, pediatric cardiothoracic surgery, pediatric urology, and pediatric plastic surgery. These hospitals perform a wide range of surgical procedures, such as appendectomies, hernia repairs, correction of congenital anomalies, tumor removals, organ transplants, and reconstructive surgeries, tailored specifically for children.

Top Doctors for Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Munesh Tomar

Dr Ashutosh Marwah

Dr. Neeraj Awasthy

Dr. Nitin Goel

Dr. Rajiv Chhabra

Dr. Sanjay Sarup

Dr. Krishna S Iyer

Hospitals for Pediatric Surgery